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Don't you think that the White Flutterscotch is a bit drab? I remember there used to be lots of different colored Flutterscotches.

Leafos recollects memories of the Flutterscotches.

Flutterscotch are butterfly piñata that come in various colors and designs. They are very small, and are mainly used to attract the Jameleon into your garden, although certain colors have other uses as well.

Different colored Flutterscotches can be obtained by feeding the White Flutterscotch different foods and depending on the food, the player will get a different variant with a completely new color and design.

Unlike most other piñatas, each color of Flutterscotch is considered its own separate species, and will have its own separate Resident, Romance, and Master Romancer Awards. With ten species in total, you'll have your work cut out for you if you're aiming to get every award.


Here is a list of each Flutterscotch variant. Visit their pages for detailed information about each type. All Flutterscotches are considered level 3 piñata, but you may not be able to evolve some of them until you unlock specific seeds at Costolot's Store.


  • A Rumor from Leafos says that the White Flutterscotch is quite boring and that she remembers there being all different kinds of Flutterscotches. This is true, as there are a total of 10 different species of Flutterscotch.

Other Information

Each variant of Flutterscotch is considered its own species for the purposes of residency and Romancing. So for example, a Green Flutterscotch is a wholly separate type of piñata from a Yellow Flutterscotch. Different colors of Flutterscotches cannot Romance with each other, and romancing a Flutterscotch will only give you the Award for that specific color. Romancing two Flutterscotches of any color will always result in a White Flutterscotch offspring, which you must then evolve into the desired color once it grows up.

There are separate Awards for Resident, Romance, and Master Romancer for each different variant of Flutterscotch.

The Flutterscotch house can thankfully be used for any color of Flutterscotch, so you won't need to purchase separate houses for each color you'd like to Romance.

Only White Flutterscotches can be attracted to the garden. To get the other colors, you must evolve the White Flutterscotches by feeding them specific things. Before working on any of the other colors, however, make sure to get the Romancer and Master Romancer Awards for the White Flutterscotch!

Additionally, Viva Piñata and Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, Gretchen Fetchem can only be sent to fetch White Flutterscotches, not other colors. In Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise, however, she can fetch any color Flutterscotch.

Thankfully, you'll only need to Romance each type of Flutterscotch once to get all of their Awards, since the requirement for Master Romancer is to have seven of a given piñata in your garden at once, regardless of how they got there. You can easily reach each Master Romancer requirement by keeping at least 4 Daisies in the garden and simply evolving any Flutterscotches that wander into the desired color. Make sure to sell any Flutterscotch colors that you no longer need, however, so that they don't overrun your garden.

While the game (in both the Encyclopedia and Piñata awards) treats the Flutterscotches as different species, evolving Flutterscotches does not count toward the Evolver achievement.

Commonly Asked Questions

A White Flutterscotch visits my garden, eats a Daisy, and leaves. What should I do?

  • In the original Viva Piñata, you should always plant more than 4 Daisies when you’re trying to attract the White Flutterscotch to your garden. When they visit, they’re very likely to eat your Daisies. Having less than 4 Daisies in the garden will cause the White Flutterscotch's Visit requirements to no longer be met, so it may leave because of that. Keep in mind, as well, that Flutterscotches only come out during the day. If the sunsets while a Flutterscotch is visiting your garden, it may be forced to leave before it can become a resident. If you keep up on your Daisies and make sure that no Tafflies eat them, you should be able to get two Flutterscotch residents within a day or two.


  • The Flutterscotch has the most variants of any piñata with nine variants in total (four in Pocket Paradise), and is the only one whose variants have their own species Awards and Journal entries.


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