"Fergy Drops Out" is the fourty-eighth episode of Viva Piñata's second season, and the one-hundredth episode of the TV series.


Fergy Fudgehog damages the Cannoñata by throwing a screwdriver into a screen and a wrench into one of the gears, breaking it and causing it to fall out. This disrupts Langston's operation and gets Fergy kicked out and everybody forced into a weekend with Langston. However, Fergy and Paulie Pretztail take a ride into the Dessert Desert and finds a paradise where Chocstriches are abound. Cherish Chocstrich makes him her master after discovering that he has not ever went to a party. However, she goes against him when she discovers him carrying candy in a bag as she thinks that candy is evil. He then runs away and returns to Piñata Central.



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