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Evolution is the act of changing a Piñata into a different species, such as turning a Doenut into a Moojoo. Evolution is not the same as Variants, which are simply different colors of the same piñata species. Evolution occurs when specific requirements are met. Usually only one condition must be met, though some have slightly more complicated requirements. In addition, the Twingersnap and Fourheads cannot be evolved in this way, and the egg of a lower level in the Syrupent family must be hit at the correct time with the shovel. There are twelve extra species, each of which are only accessible through Evolution.

When a piñata evolves, its stats are reset to what a newly hatched adult piñata of the species would be, causing its Happiness Rating to reset to neutral, and all of its accessories, variants, requirements, and value to be removed or reset. It also acquires the label of the gardener who owns the garden containing the piñata, even if it had a blank label before.

The various colors of Flutterscotch other than the White Flutterscotch are considered evolutions of the White Flutterscotch in Viva Piñata and Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, and the various colors of Flutterscotch have separate awards in those games. In Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise the four non-white colors of Flutterscotch are considered variants, not evolutions.

Evolution Requirements (Original)

Evolution Requirements (Trouble in Paradise)


To get a Reddhott, first obtain a Taffly (make it a resident) then fly it through the flame of a Firebrand until it catches fire. Use the Watering can to extinguish the flames and the evolution process will take place. You can use any watering can, but make sure you catch it before the piñata extinguishes itself and gets sick.


To get a Candary, you must feed a Buttercup flower to a Sparrowmint. In Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, you must feed it a Dandelion flower, as feeding buttercup flowers will not work.


To get a Lackatoad, feed a Nightshade Berry to a Lickatoad then hit it on the head with your shovel. Otherwise the Lickatoad will get sick.


To get a Salamango, feed a Chili to a Newtgat.


To get a Zumbug, feed a Horstachio both a Blackberry and a Daisy.


To get a Juicygoose, feed your Quackberry a Gooseberry.


To get a Twingersnap, romance two Syrupents. Watch the egg, and right before it hatches it will bounce three times (do not get this confused with a regular egg jump) and on the third bounce, hit the egg with your shovel.


To get a Fourheads, romance two Twingersnaps. Watch the egg, and right before it hatches it will bounce three times (do not get this confused with a regular egg jump) and on the third bounce, hit the egg with your shovel.


To get a Pieena, feed a resident Pretztail a bone. You can buy bones, as well as obtain them.


To get a Chocstrich, feed a Cluckles two Cactus seeds.


To get a Parmadillo, feed a resident Fudgehog a coconut.


To get a Polollybear feed a Fizzlybear a blue gem.


To get a Moojoo, feed a Doenut a Fir Tree seed.


To get a Hoghurt feed a Rashberry a Cheesecake.


Pigxie is much different than all other evolutions, and should debatably not be considered one. You can obtain Pigxie by romancing a Rashberry and a Swanana. Keep in mind you can only romance the two with the Mystery Home and with romance candy.


Unlike normal piñatas which have three variants, the Flutterscotch has various colors of Flutterscotch species it can evolve into. The required flower head to evolve into a specific Flutterscotch is listed below.

Evolution Requirements (Pocket Paradise)

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