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Some call him a quack, others swear he's a miracle worker, but no matter what you believe, Doctor Quincy Quackberry, commonly referred to as just Dr. Quackberry, is the only psychologist in the garden. Quackberry is called upon to cure everything from Piñatapartyphobia to Confetti-itis, and the good doctor is more than willing to dive right in -- whether he's medically qualified or not! He's either the world's most accomplished piñata medical authority, or he's the world's greatest snake oil salesman. Whatever the truth is, take two Gooseberries and call him in the morning!

Quincy Quackberry usually uses humorous techniques to cure his patients, such as feeding a Talking Pill that actually talks, or by making a piñata "drink" an empty potion to lose weight.


Quincy Quackberry wears glasses on his head, and a pink tie. In episodes after Piñatapartyphobia, he also has thick black eyebrows that float above his eyes.


  • The doctor is in!
  • And this is the top off bin, where pinatas fall on their face.
  • The patient is on the ground and groaning in pain. My work here is done.


  • Dr. Quincy Quackberry's name may be a reference to the Dr. Quincy Quack duck character from Webkinz. Not only is his full name an extension of the Webkinz character but he is also commonly called by Dr. Quackberry, mirroring Dr. Quack's nickname.
    • He is most likely also a reference to "quackery," the practice of fraudulent medicine, as in the TV series he uses unrealistic and strange methods to cure diseases.
  • Dr. Quincy Quackberry's mannerisms are almost identical to Groucho Marx, a comedian known for his fast talking and self-deprecating sense of humor. In addition, his species is likely a shout out to 'You Risk Your Life'. A gameshow that Groucho hosted that featured a prop duck.


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