Look, a Doenut has come to take a look at all the lovely grass you’ve grown.

Leafos after the Doenut appears.

The Doenut is a pink and yellow deer piñata. On most occasions, it is seen as happy, and can be seen skipping and frolicking around the garden, while making cheerful noises. Although all the Doenuts have antlers, this does not necessarily mean that they’re all male, as some of them are actually female.

The Doenut might be a species of reindeer, and not actually a deer.

The Doenuts also have a likeness for long grass and some berries, including Blackberries and Gooseberries. Doenuts are pleasant, cheerful, and peaceful piñata whom don’t like to get into fights and have no specific conflicts with other species.

The Doenut is considered to be one of the more annoying piñata, mainly because of the several noises it makes. Despite this, the Doenut is a symbol of peace and harmony, and is one of the very few piñatas to not have many conflicts with others, except the Roario, as it’s the only piñata it will run away if, and will try to avoid at all costs, like most others.

In Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, if the Doenut is fed a Fir Seed, it will evolve into a Moojoo.


It has a yellow muzzle, a blue quadrangle marking around its eyes, and dark brown irises. Its ears are fuchsia, hot pink, and yellow, its body is hot pink, and it has two blue rings around its neck. Its underside and belly are yellow, along with the front of its neck, its back has some fuchsia markings, and it has a blue ring on each leg. It has a fuchsia and yellow tail, hot pink feet, and some purple markings along the side of its body. The Doenut also has two antlers that are striped in various shades of blue.

Requirements (Original)

Appear Requirements

Visit Requirements

Resident Requirements

  • Has eaten 6 blackberries or 6 gooseberries.
  • Have 80 square pinometers of long grass (8%).

The Doenut appears in Viva Piñata.

Romance Requirements

Variant 1 Requirements (Orange)

Variant 2 Requirements (Green)

  • Feeding it an oak seed changes its color to green.

Variant 3 Requirements (Purple)

Requirements (Trouble in Paradise)

Appear Requirements

The orange and yellow Doenut variant.

Visit Requirements

Resident Requirements

  • Has eaten 5 blueberries. Or; Has eaten 2 bluebells.
  • You have 10 square pinometers of long grass.

Romance Requirements

A rare Doenut Wildcard from the original Viva Piñata.

Variant 1 Requirements (Green)

Variant 2 Requirements (Purple)

Variant 3 Requirements (Orange)

  • Has eaten 1 ear of corn.

Evolve Requirements (Into Moojoo)

  • Has eaten 1 fir seed. (Evolution unlocks the Moojoo Evolution achievement.)

Trick Requirements

  •  ???

Wildcard Variants

  • Wildcard #1: Straight antlers.
  • Wildcard #2: Three pairs of ears
  • Wildcard #3: ???

Requirements (Trouble in Paradise - Just for Fun)

Requirements (Pocket Paradise)



  • Have 60 square pinometers of long grass (6%) OR 10 Gooseberries in the garden.


  • Has eaten 6 Blackberries OR 6 Gooseberries.
  • Have 80 pinometers of long grass. (8%)


  • Have 100 pinometers of long grass. (10%)
  • Has eaten 1 Sunflower.
  • Has eaten 1 Tulip flower.
  • Have a Doenut house in the garden.

Variant (Orange)

Doenut Uses

  • 5 Doenuts in the garden helps meet the Roario visit requirements.
  • Eating 2 Doenuts helps meet the Roario resident requirements.

Species Conflicts


  • None

Eaten By


  • None


  • Leafos says she heard if you feed a Pretztail a Doenut, it will turn into a Mallowolf. This is false, as Pretztails will not eat Doenuts. If you want to make the Mallowolf resident, see Sour Mallowolf.

Glitches and Errors

  • On rare occasions, the Doenut will freeze in modeled position and float around the garden. If this happens, it is best to save and exit and come back. This should solve the issue (only in Viva Piñata).

In the TV Series

There is no definite main character Doenut in the TV series, but there are many that appear in the background, and all of them seem to be wildcards and not the actual common Doenut.

Commonly Asked Questions

I can’t get the Doenut resident! What do I do?

  • It may take a while for you to get the Doenut resident. You need to unlock the Blackberries and Long Grass and maybe more garden space before it will visit.

The Doenut refuses to visit. What should I do?

  • You have to follow its requirements. Or you might be staring it in the eyes. This will cause it not to come into your garden, just like actual deers.


  • The Doenut might specifically be a species of reindeer and not deer or doe. All male and female Reindeers have antlers, but with deers, only the males, and on rare occasions females (does), have them.
  • In the TV series, a Moojoo character, Machi Moojoo, the evolution of the Doenut, is able to receive and send radio signals using her antlers. This suggests that a piñata's abilities may transfer over to the evolved form, and/or that the descriptions found in the games can describe basic characteristics of the piñata species in the TV series.
  • The Doenut does not appear to like or dislike being sprinkled with the watering can.
  • If there's a wild Doenut don't stare at it. If you don't look at it there is a higher chance it will visit your garden.
  • All the Doenuts seen in the TV series are wildcards.


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