"Crimes of Passion Fruit" is the eleventh episode of Viva Piñata's second season.


Fergy Fudgehog goes to the Big Boss of Piñata Central, finding that he is "actually" a bowl of fruit, and smashes him with a stapler, and starts eating his remains, then replaces his "body" with more fruit and glasses. However he also swallows a speaker, which makes him believe his belly has been possessed when his belly starts talking.

Fergy runs to The Bonboon to get him unpossessed, who suggests that he get an exorcism. He gets scared however due to the Boss speaking through the speaker Fergy swallowed. Eventually, Langston Lickatoad tells him he actually swallowed the speaker and the Boss declares that Tuesday will be Langston-free day. However, due to it not being Tuesday he goes on a hunt for Fergy.



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