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Corina Chocstrich was Hudson Horstachio's high school girlfriend. She is a skilled fighter and attacked Hudson when he started looking for other girlfriends in Beauty and the Beasts.

She is dressed in a heavy metal style, wearing a spiked band on her neck and styled black hair on her head.


A Terrible Tribute

Hudson along with Corina in their high school years.

In A Terrible Tribute it is revealed on This Here's Your Life that Corina Chocstrich was Hudson Horstachio's high school girlfriend. She first appears to be a Bunnycomb, but then quickly revealed herself to be a Chocstrich and slapped the Bunnycomb knocking her out. Dr. Quackberry comments that most people didn't believe she existed until prom night, and then shows a picture of her and Hudson at the date, which the crowd disapproves of. She then attempts to kiss him but accidently kisses Uncle Hoofy Horstachio instead and swallows a Taffly then spits it out.

At the end of the show she along with the other members on the stage dance.

Beauty and the Beasts

When Hudson pulls a card, her name is on it and Hudson is shocked by this. A flashback is then shown of Hudson in his high school years where she attacks Hudson.


  • Hudson! You owe me a slow-dance, nimrod!


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