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"Confetti-itis" is the 34th episode of the first season of the Viva Piñata Television series.


Franklin after first drinking the "Shed-No-More" potion.

Franklin Fizzlybear has a case of bad Confetti-itis, where his paper Mache body starts breaking apart and dropping like Confetti, and he discovers this when he goes to a Bunnycomb trio of girls, who have a negative reaction to this and are scared away. He goes to Dr. Quackberry to try to get a solution, who makes a potion called "Shed-No-More". Franklin drinks it and his Confetti-itis is fixed, also makes him stronger and also have higher candiosity. After Fergy says he will become more popular than Hudson Horstachio, Hudson starts drinking it too. Then, he meets Mabel Moozipan who is impressed by his improved body shape and asks why he turned into this, and says that it is the "Shed-No-More" potion that did it. She and Shirley Shellybean rush to get the potion to improve their bodies. Eventually a whole crowd of piñatas are crowding Dr. Quackberry's working place, with all of them wanting a potion. When Hudson begs for a potion in Franklin's house he gives him a potion.

Franklin very bloated and about to explode.

However, most of the piñatas drunk too much of the potion and it starts to show, by making them all very bloated and sluggish, and eventually unable to stand or breath. When Fergy and Paulie come to Franklin's house they are shocked to see that Franklin is affected the worst by this as he is now a ball shaped Fizzlybear. The piñatas who wanted the potion that are now bloated are revolting and insist that Dr. Quackberry must find a solution to this. Fergy and Paulie pushes the ball shaped Franklin to Dr. Quackberry's location. Knowing that the cause of the problem was drinking too much "Shed-No-More" potions, he gave Franklin and the others an empty bottle, and they "drank" out of it, causing them to shrink to their normal sizes. However, Franklin's Confetti-itis reappears, but this time, Betty Bunnycomb doesn't care about Franklin's Confetti-itis, and she reveals she has a second right ear and wants him to follow her.


  • Franklin Fizzlybear: We all have our little imperfections


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