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A Twingersnap cocoon in Viva Piñata.

A cocoon is a shell for a Piñata changing from a baby to an adult, or from a sour to a regular one of the species. Not long after a baby piñata hatches (disregarding the ones like the Dragonache and Choclodocus which require certain conditions to be met to grow up), a cocoon will form, and after some time the cocoon will break and the adult piñata will come out of it. Adult piñatas are able to Romance to produce eggs. Sour piñatas will not enter cocoons by themselves, intervention is required to first meet requirements for turning a sour piñata into a regular piñata.

The shovel can be used to release a piñata from a cocoon. This is not possible as soon as a piñata turns into a cocoon, a few seconds must pass before this is able to be done.

In the TV Series

Mongo Macaracoon was shown to enter a Cocoon when he transformed from a Sour Macaraccoon to a Macaraccoon.


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