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Cherish Chocstrich is a character found in the Viva Piñata TV series.

Cherish lives in the Quasi Luddite Ecosustainable Commune, a community of Chocstriches like her. Like the other Chocstrich piñatas who live there, she doesn't like going to parties, and abhors the Cannoñata and candy, believing that they are all evil. She discovers that Fergy and Paulie have never went to a party, and believing in them heavily, she called them her masters. Later, she wants him to burn candy, and when he decides to carry candy in a pouch she turns against him. She gets sat on by Ella Elephanilla after Fergy returns to Piñata Central.


She appears as a pink Chocstrich with white, long hair.


  • Peace Piñatas! I'm Cherish! Is your heart open to wonder?
  • Look everyone, the master is already here.


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