Joy Candy.

Candy, sometimes referred to as sweets, is a kind of food item for Piñatas. Piñatas contain candy, and they need it inside to live. However, the world of Viva Piñata offers up more than one type of confection for our papery friends. Most are beneficial, but red ones, such as Sour Candy, are bad for Piñatas.

Happy Candy

Happy Candy.

The main staple of any content piñata's life, Happy Candy helps give your piñata the extra boost they need to be at their most joyful.

Joy Candy

Much like happy candy, Joy Candy helps your piñata de-stress and stay happy. As the happy candy's big brother, feed one to your piñata and their problems will melt away. Use it as a rare treat for your favorite piñata or to convince your depressed piñata to stay, or, in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, use it to instantaneously make it have enough candiosity to send it to a party.

Romance Candy

Romance Candy.

A trick up any seasoned gardener's sleeve is the Romance Candy. Giving your piñata this candy will fulfill their romance requirements, with the exception of the privacy given by the house. However, you'll have to have experienced romancing them the tough way at least once before the candy will work.

Sour Candy

Sour Candy.

Not all candy is sweet and tasty. Some are downright horrible and bad for your piñata. Eating a single Sour Candy is enough to make piñata instantly ill! They are dropped by Ruffians and Sour Piñata. If you find them in your garden, you should smash them and call Doc Patchingo before Dastardos comes to destroy any sick piñatas.

Smelly Candy

Smelly Candy.

Despite looking the same as a sour candy, Smelly Candy is actually a candy that causes Piñatas to run away due to its revolting smell. They won't eat this candy, so don't worry about Piñatas getting sick unless there are real sour candies in your garden.

Life Candy

A Whirlm Life Candy.

The only candy that cannot be purchased, Life Candy is that special candy inside each piñata that gives it its spark. This is what the predator piñatas are after. Certain predator piñatas will eat certain life candy.

This candy looks a little different out of each piñata. For example, a bunnycomb's life sweet is cyan.

Only resident piñata can drop life candy. A life candy's value is worth the value of that piñata. This is a good alternative to selling the piñata, as you also get the candy that normally drops, and sell it along with the life candy for maximum profit.

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