The Milking Shed building.

A building is a structure built by Willy Builder. All houses are buildings, and some other buildings exist such as the mine, the Garden Store, and the Milking Shed. Most piñata species have houses, which are a type of building.

Despite their huge size, they can be stored in crates in Viva Piñata and Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise.

Building a Building

Buildings are built by the construction worker Willy Builder. He can be hired to build a wanted building by entering his shop, selecting a building for him to build, selecting a non-obstructed spot to build it on, and then paying the required amount of Chocolate Coins. When he is hired to build a building, he slowly moves to the construction site which is a box obscuring the building, and then a counter on the construction site slowly ticks downwards. Eventually, the counter will reach zero and be replaced with a ribbon, which indicates the building is ready to be revealed by using the Shovel to break the cover on the building. If the player leaves the cover on the building for a certain time, alerts will appear notifying the player that the cover must be smacked to reveal the building.

Types of Buildings


Main article: House

Houses are a type of building that act as a piñata's sanctuary away from predators. A house is a necessity to romance any species. Each piñata species has a different kind of house that only that species of piñata will care about and enter. When it becomes time to sleep if the garden has a house for that piñata species the piñatas of that species will enter the house.

Other Buildings Garden Store · Honey Hive · Milking Shed · Mine · Shearing Shed
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