"Beauty and the Beasts" is the twenty seventh episode of the second season of the Viva Piñata television series, and the seventy ninth episode of the TV series overall. It originally aired in North America on April 27, 2008.


Hudson Horstachio is hosting the Miss Piñata pageant where the winner not only get to be crowned but also win an around the world cruise with him. But to his horror, the three contestants are none other than: Corina Chocstrich, Hailey Horstachio, and Beverly Badgesicle.

Knowing that the three contestants would kill him if one of them wins, Hudson enlists the aid of Franklin, Fergy, and Paulie to help him. Hudson then gets an idea to disguise his friends as contestants. At the Miss Piñata pageant, he introduces his friends as Franklina Fizzlybear, Paula Pretztail, and Fergina Fudgehog. But their introduction turns out to be disastrous much to Hudson's frustration.




  • The name of the episode may be based on the 1740 fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast" or the 1991 Disney film of the same name.
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