The Apple Seed is a seed that grows into an Apple Tree which grows apple fruit.

Lots of creatures like to eat apples, and this is the easiest way to get them fresh. This tree may be small and easy to grow and cheap to get hold of, but it is worth its weight in apples.

An apple tree grows apples, which can be tinkered to make toffee apples.


Surface requirements: Apple seed should be planted in grass, soil or long grass.

Catalyst requirements: For bonus growth red fertilizer, cocoadile tears or special mix fertilizer should be used.



  • Raisant is required to have one fruit tree of any kind in the garden.


  • Horstachio is required to eat 8 apples.
  • Raisant is required to eat 3 fruits of any kind.
  • Sour Shellybean is required to eat 1 apple seed.


  • Buzzlegum is required to eat 2 pieces of fruit.
  • Flutterscotch is required to eat any piece of fruit.
  • The toffee apple is a romance requirement for a Horstachio.


  • Feeding a Badgesicle an apple will change it to red.
  • Feeding a Lickatoad an apple and a carrot will change it to red.
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